In Pain or Discomfort?


January Sales: Only £49 (Value £170)


  • Initial Assessment

    Complete a new patient form online for effective clinical decision making
    We discover the root cause of your problem
    Get to know multiple layers to your health and wellbeing
    Get effective pain and inflammation relief
    Understand what is going on with your body and why

  • Examination & Back Scan

    Addresss & identify underlying issues
    Radiation Free Spinal Imaging
    Precise and accurate assessment of spinal geometry
    Evidence based
    Same-day Results & verbal Report

  • 1st Treatment (if applicable)

    Receive your first optimised specific Treatment
    Relief aches, pains and/or trapped nerves
    Get to know the process for your personalised care
    Receive tailor treatment plan to get where you want to be

January Sales: Just £170 £49

Adjustment & Alignment - Follow-Up

Align your spine and muscle tension to relieve trapped nerves

Optimise operation of nervous system
Improve blood flow to body systems
Relief aches and pains
Address problems with circulation, digestion or headaches

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