Chiro & Osteopathic

Four step assessment –  The best way to start

Osteopathic & chiropractic techniques

Visit our clinic for the Four Step Assessment, done in a two week period for the most comprehensive assessment available

Step 1: Complete a health questionnaire and history form / General spine Assessment / Posture Pictures and your Spine / Explanation of process, plans and costs

Step 2: Explanation of results / Easy access to your results will be available / receive first adjustment

Step 3: Spinal healthcare workshop / Learn about the spine and how to treat it and we can support you in a short and long term

Step 4: Analysis of your spinal alignment / Spinal mapping with actual measurements, so you understand your spine even better / See how your body responds to an adjustment and recommend a plan of care and help you purchase

All for just £250. Call 07734 5800 46 to book your assessment now.

Adjustment & Alignment

Align your spine and muscle tension to relieve trapped nerves
  • Optimise operation of nervous system 
  • Improve blood flow to body systems 
  • Relief aches and pains 
  • Addressing problems with circulation, digestion or headaches