Online Consultation –  Efficient, Effective, Successful

You are unable to come into clinic? Regardless of reasons, we are there for you. In the comfort of your home, during business travel or holiday – our specialised practitioners are with you to identify underlying issues and to ensure you become balanced and healthy.

Step 1 Prior consultation, you will complete a health questionnaire and history form

Step 2 We have a Zoom live chat for you to receive your first consultation. This way you understand your body even better

Step 3 See how your body responds to treatment and recommend a plan of care and help you purchase

For just £60

Follow Up Sessions

Best for ongoing therapy or well-being
  • Optimise operation of nervous system
  • Improve blood flow to body systems
  • Relief aches and pains
  • Addressing problems with circulation, digestion or headaches
For just £60